Michael D’Aoust, LCB, CCS, PMP

President & CEO

Mr. D’Aoust is an Accredited Zone Specialist through the NAFTZ. He regularly participates as a seminar and conference speaker, and committee representative. He is also a Licensed Customs Broker and holds a B.B.A. in Business Finance from Stetson University and an M.B.A. from Florida State University.

As President and CEO, Michael D’Aoust is responsible for the direction of all facets of the organization and providing guidance for the future growth of the company. In addition to his experience in the foreign-trade zone and international trade arenas, he stands on a successful executive management track record. He previously held the title of Sr. Vice President of Managed Services overseeing the setup, implementation, and administration for numerous foreign-trade zone projects operating in a broad range of industries. Mr. D’Aoust’s proven leadership abilities, expertise, and experience are allowing PTSI to expand as an even stronger business partner for its clients and prospective clients.

Debora Caporale

Sr. Vice President, Operations

Debora Caporale is Sr. Vice President of Operations, leading the internal administrative team in the areas of finance, contract management, risk management, facilities, and human resources to ensure efficient and consistent operations as PTSI continues to grow.

In addition to her experienced leadership in the day-to-day functions of corporate operations, Ms. Caporale has over 33 years of experience related to a broad range of international trade, foreign-trade zone, and customs projects.  She has significant experience in practical project management, and has been instrumental in overseeing the planning, preparation, and delivery of several trade and customs and foreign-trade zone projects.  Over the years, Ms. Caporale has gained valuable insight into business operations and processes and utilizes those insights to support the provision of solution based and compliant services for client’s FTZ operations.

Tracy Fetrow, LCB, CCS

Sr. Vice President, Trade Compliance

Tracy Fetrow is Sr. Vice President of Trade Compliance, leading PTSI’s Compliance Division.

She is a Licensed Customs Broker with 28 years of experience in customs brokerage, foreign-trade zones, compliance, and trade and customs consulting services.

Ms. Fetrow is instrumental in instituting and maintaining PTSI’s internal compliance procedures and policies and communicating the values, standards, and best practices that are so important to PTSI and its clients. She closely follows developing trends and regulatory requirements in the trade and customs industry. She regularly educates PTSI’s team members on compliance and operational matters to encourage practices that ensure excellent compliance levels.

Her experience comprises providing both compliance and trade and customs services to a wide range of industries. She has extensive practical experience in the day-to-day operations of foreign-trade zones, and she is well versed in inventory control issues for operations located in a foreign-trade zone environment. Through the years, she has built relationships in the various industry and government sectors.

Ms. Fetrow is a member of the NAFTZ, the American Association Exporters and Importers, and the International Compliance Professionals Association.

Eric Berry, LCB, CCS, AZS

Director, Trade Services

Eric Berry supervises a wide range of programs, leveraging his broad knowledge of program management principles and a strategic mindset to lead and develop team members.

He is a Licensed Customs Broker who provides foreign-trade zone consulting with the goals of achieving excellence in the areas of compliance and operational efficiency for PTSI’s clients.

Mr. Berry is experienced in providing consulting services related to the preparation of foreign-trade zone feasibility analyses, compliance reviews, prior disclosures, review and development of procedure manuals, FTZ activation and CBP security surveys, research for other zone related studies, and project management. He also has experience administering the day-to-day operations of foreign-trade zones. His operational experience includes FTZ admissions, transfers, adjustments, shipments, systems reviews, reconciliation, and issue troubleshooting and resolution. With a customer service mindset, he collaborates with the Sales and Marketing Division to support PTSI’s growth.

Mr. Berry has a B.A. in Business Administration from Huntingdon College including concentrated studies in marketing and international business, as well as a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Mr. Berry is an Accredited Zone Specialist and an active member of the NAFTZ, serving on the Board of Directors.

Bradley Patton, LCB, CCS

Director, Managed Services

Bradley Patton is a Director of Managed Services. Mr. Patton is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation, and execution of foreign-trade zone projects in a wide range of industries, aiming to ensure consistency with regulations and industry best practices.

As a software systems professional, he is knowledgeable in the design, development, and operation of software systems with a focus on foreign-trade zone systems.

A Licensed Customs Broker, Mr. Patton holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Troy University and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of West Florida. He is also a member of the NAFTZ.

Bill Anderson, LCB, CCS

Senior Manager, Systems & Implementation

As Sr. Manager of Managed Services, Bill Anderson provides strategic guidance to team members and is responsible for the overall management, direction, control and completion of foreign-trade zone operations for client projects.

Mr. Anderson has experience in a variety of FTZ manufacturing environments. He stays up to date on regulatory changes in the foreign-trade zone and trade and customs industry to guide his team to excellence in daily operations. Mr. Anderson also actively maintains an excellent working relationship with all key contacts related to his projects.

A Licensed Customs Broker, Mr. Anderson holds a B.S. in Finance from Illinois State University, and is a member of the NAFTZ.

Leslie Wilson, LCB, CCS

Senior Manager, Brokerage

Leslie Wilson is the Imports Manager of PTSI’s Brokerage Division. Ms. Wilson is responsible for the overall management of the company’s brokerage activities for a group of client projects ensuring consistency with commitments and goals.

As a Licensed Customs Broker, Ms. Wilson is knowledgeable in Customs and foreign-trade zones regulations. She has hands-on experience in the operations and day-to-day activities of a variety of warehousing and distribution foreign-trade zones.

Ms. Wilson holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Columbia College, and is a member of the NAFTZ and AAEI.

Lee Majors, LCB, CCS

Manager, Special Projects

Lee Majors is instrumental in the setup and implementation of foreign-trades zone projects in a variety of industries.

He assists in the analysis of systems and trade data, systems integration, and process improvements through automation and compliance with CBP regulations.

A Licensed Customs Broker, Mr. Majors holds a B.S. in Economics from Florida State University, and is a member of the NAFTZ.

Alia Quinn, LCB, CCS, AZS

Documentation Manager, Trade Compliance

As Trade Compliance Manager, Alia Quinn oversees the day-to-day compliance program for PTSI’s internal operations. She’s also responsible for implementing company and client policies and procedures, as well as industry best practices.

She provides knowledge and training to PTSI’s team members to review processes, guiding them in company and client compliance activities.

Ms. Quinn is knowledgeable in Customs and foreign-trade zones regulations. She has hands-on experience in the operations and day-to-day activities of foreign-trade zones in a variety of industries.

A Licensed Customs Broker, Ms. Quinn holds a B.A. in both Psychology and Sociology from the University of South Florida. Ms. Quinn is a member of the NAFTZ and the International Compliance Professionals Association.

Chuck Huffman

Manager, Zone Operations

As Manager of the Managed Services division, Chuck Huffman oversees team members in managing zones for both the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors, overseeing day to day operations as well as providing guidance on complex questions from existing clients. He is instrumental in new client implementations and resource allocation to ensure excellent customer service.

Mr. Huffman has a B.S.in Criminology from Florida State University.

Lori St. Romain, LCB, CCS

Manager, Trade Services

As a Consulting Manager, Ms. St. Romain provides direct customer support in a wide variety of trade and customs consulting projects, and contributes her expertise to business development activities.

Lori St. Romain researches information related to projects, particularly in the areas of compliance and regulatory matters, and provides timely analysis of the information. She is actively involved in the setup and activation of foreign-trade zone projects and also has practical experience in the operation of zone projects. She also has experience in a wide variety of trade and consulting projects from FTZ application and activation processes to FTZ administration and compliance oversight.

Ms. St. Romain is a Licensed Customs Broker and a member of the NAFTZ.

Ashleigh Varghese

Operations Manager

Ashleigh Varghese is PTSI’s Operations Manager, with almost a decade of experience in analyzing and implementing organizational processes.

Ms. Varghese is responsible for the oversight of human resources, benefits, development,and training and works diligently to foster a strong team environment and promote company-wide initiatives. A strong believer in setting up each team member for success, she regularly develops and implements programs and policies to continue PTSI’s legacy as a great place to work.

Ms. Varghese holds a M.S. in Education from Florida State University and is a member of SHRM.

Amy Slusser

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Amy Slusser uses her 14 years in the FTZ Managed Services industry to promote PTSI’s breadth of services through a variety of means, including industry conferences, PTSI’s website and via social media. She works hand in hand with the Operations team to promote an exceptional workplace, leading company forums and events.

Ms. Slusser has a B.S. in Business Marketing from Florida State University.

Nicole Feightner

Programs Manager, Zone Operations

Nicole Feightner is the Programs Manager of the Zone Operations department. She is responsible for the development and compliance of projects and team members for both the FTZ Manufacturing and Distribution sectors.  Ms. Feightner began her career with PointTrade Services, Inc. in 2013, where she advanced from the Team Leader and Project Manager positions.

During her tenure with PTSI, Ms. Feightner has assisted with the success of its FTZ projects including new client implementations, software systems implementation, developing processes, and optimizing zone operations.

Ms. Feightner has a B.S. in Business Administration from Florida State University.

Nadia Storti

Manager, Brokerage

Nadia Storti is the Manager of the Brokerage Division for PointTrade Services, Inc.  Ms. Storti is responsible for the management of the company’s Brokerage activities for all client projects.  She oversees the services provided in order to navigate the many steps needed to meet governmental requirements and provide timely and accurate results for PTSI’s Brokerage clients.

Ms. Storti has an Industrial Arts Degree in Technical Business Management, Accounting from I.P.S.I.A., Italy.