Discover how PointTrade Services, Inc. has grown to be a leader in providing FTZ and international trade services to top importers of the United States. Our depth of experience in FTZ Managed Services for various warehousing and distribution operations, as well as simple and complex manufacturing operations, means our team is unsurpassed in the industry.



PTSI’s founders initially gained practical experience while working for brokers and zone operators, and later with the Big Four accounting firms. During this time, they built their FTZ expertise, which included valuable compliance services.

A New Vision

The founders eventually departed the Big Four firm. In March 2004, they established Point of Trade, Inc., a more nimble and client-focused business. They envisioned a team based in Panama City, Florida to provide client services with integrity, honesty and innovation. Eventually renamed PointTrade Services, Inc., our company has since been gaining valuable experience in international trade and foreign-trade zone industry.

Substantial Growth

Since its inception, PTSI has grown substantially in both employees and clients. PTSI now employs more than 100 professionals focused on FTZ and international trade services. Our team includes a licensed customs broker for every ten professionals.


The combined experience of the PTSI team totals:

  • More than 100 years in FTZ consulting work and international trade
  • Over 250 years in day-to-day zone operations
  • 28 years in public FTZ grantee and operator positions
  • 20 years in executive management of the industry