FTZ Consulting Services

PTSI has extensive experience in every aspect of the zone application and implementation process. Our team of professionals is committed to helping you establish your FTZ and maximize the benefits through the following general consulting services.

Once you’ve identified how FTZs can benefit your company, you’ll need to:

  • Apply for the appropriate designation and production activity
  • Select and implement an FTZ inventory control system
  • Get approval for zone activation
  • Manage the zone projects
  • Grow your business

FTZ Applications

The first step in the FTZ process is to select and complete the appropriate application, which you then must submit to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board in the U.S. Department of Commerce. Whether you’re designating a new FTZ site or modifying the boundaries of an existing FTZ, the application process can require extensive information and documentation regarding your site.

How PTSI Can Help

PTSI has the extensive experience necessary to help you choose and prepare the right zone application for your project. We work closely with your representative to gather the necessary data and approvals to submit the application. We then walk with you through each step to ensure the success of your FTZ application.

Our Application Services

  • Coordinate with Grantee for sponsorship.
  • Develop and prepare application for submission.
  • Monitor application through FTZ Board process.
  • Prepare responses to FTZ Board requests as needed.
  • Coordinate with other governmental agencies.
  • Participate in public hearings, if any.

Application Types We Handle

For both traditional and Alternative Site Framework (ASF):

  • General purpose FTZ
  • Subzone
  • Expansion
  • Reorganization under ASF
  • Minor boundary modification(s)

Additional application types:

  • Production authority
  • Amendment or expansion of existing scope of authority
  • Request for scope determination

FTZ Activation

Once your site has been granted zone status, local U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) officials must approve the FTZ site for activation before you can use it. Activation involves aligning your existing processes, documenting procedures, and good record keeping practices to CBP and compliance requirements.

Activation Services

PTSI has extensive experience activating zone sites. Our activation services include:

  • Prepare activation request with special procedures.
  • Assist with background investigations and site security inspections.
  • Develop FTZ procedure manual.
  • Advise on inventory control and recordkeeping system issues.
  • Set up zone operation.
  • Train employees in zone administration and operation.
  • Educate employees regarding changes in corporate culture and operational processes.

Post-activation Services

Once the zone has been activated, we offer the following services:

  • FTZ Administration: Provide support during start up or perform fulltime services.
  • Spot Compliance Reviews: Perform or train in-house audit teams to perform on-site reviews.
  • Zone Optimization: Help users make the most beneficial use of the zone, including streamlining transactions and reporting.

Project Management

As you begin to operate within your FTZ, you’ll be implementing systems and procedures according to Customs & Border Protection regulations to get the most out of the FTZ for your imports and exports.


Our team of experts helps you with every aspect of FTZ setup. While our goal is to educate your staff so that you can build and run every aspect of your FTZ independently, we can also manage various projects as needed, tailoring our level of services to your needs.


Project Management Services

  • Develop standard operating procedures.
  • Manage systems integration after vendor selection.
  • Manage timelines.
  • Train personnel on operational and administration functions.
  • Educate employees regarding changes in corporate culture and operational processes.

We can also fully administrate your zone.

Marketing & Development

FTZs can bring significant economic benefits to communities by attracting capital investments and new business opportunities. As a national leader in FTZs, PTSI helps communities achieve their development goals by maximizing use of their FTZ projects through strategic marketing. Our extensive experience in economic development has attracted millions of dollars of new capital investments to communities. We can help your FTZ project drive major economic benefits.