Supply Chain Support Services

Cargo moves through many parts of the supply chain to reach manufacturers and consumers. Any inefficiencies, errors or issues along the way can cause importers unnecessary delays and costs.

PTSI: Your Supply Chain Support Specialists

PTSI’s experienced team of import consultants understands how accurate and timely information can facilitate the movement of goods through the supply chain. Our managed services for importers includes:

  • Supply chain management and integrated business planning solutions
  • Compliance and supply chain audits, assessments and revisions of business process
  • Filing import paperwork such as Importer Security Filings (ISF forms) and FDA Prior Notices
  • Filing required in-bond information with Customs & Border Protection for trucking companies
  • Training 3PL warehouse personnel and inventory management software selection
  • Reviewing and revising trade data management activities to increase automation

And much more. If you need help managing your supply chain, contact us.